Enjoy live musical performances throughout the entire Nativity Celebration by soloists, church & community choirs, and instrumental groups. Let the beautiful sounds of Christmas fill you with the Spirit as you visit the nativity display or sit and enjoy the live music in the chapel.

Participate in the Celebration Choir

All individuals and families are invited to join our celebration choir. The choir will perform on Friday, December 1 at 7:oo p.m. Rehearsals will be Tuesday, November 28 at 7:00 p.m. and Friday, December 1 at 6:00 p.m. Download and print sheet music here. Contact with any questions.


Thursday, November 30

5:00  Therese & Olivia Fowler, Magdalena Escudero-Kane, cello trio

5:30  Morgan Kennedy, violinist

6:00  Sheridan Quartet

6:30  Nick Hudson, vocalist

7:00  St. Margaret’s Children’s Choir

7:30  Tamara Anderson, violist

8:00  Music of the Nativity Program


Friday, December 1

5:00  Betsy Milek, pianist

5:30  Julie Calhoun & Lucy Cone

6:00  Celebration Choir Rehearsal

7:00  Celebration Choir Performance

8:00  Alison Johnson, pianist

8:30  Beehives’ Choir


Saturday, December 2

10:00  Sinks Canyon Male Quartet

10:30  Kail Family, vocalists

11:00  Charlie Peterson, Meghan DeVries, & Morgan West

11:30  Savita Forbis, vocalist

12:00  Kim & Diane McKinnon

12:30  Jalynne Brough, pianist

1:00  Whiting Trio

1:30  Eddie Amend, vocalist

2:00  Bethlehem Brothers Quartet

2:30  No Strings Attached

3:00  Wind River Children’s Choir

3:30  Nathan & Tamra Gillette

4:00  Zach Tolman & Sean Francis

4:30  Kistemann Family

5:00  Hank Stueckler, bagpipes

5:30  Organ Prelude

6:00  Live Nativity Program